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Customer Reviews are Key to the Growth and Success of Your Business

Asking customers to leave a review about their recent experience with your business has never been easier. It's as easy as sending a text message. Text messages have a 98% open rate making it more likely that your customer will leave a review when asked. If asked 71% of consumers will leave a review for a local business. These reviews act as customer satisfaction surveys. They can help you as the business owner discover what's working right and uncover gaps in service and product delivery.

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Reviews Build Brand Trust, Loyalty, and Authority

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Having lots of glowing positive reviews improves your rankings in local search. You can now collect those reviews right on your own website with the review generation widget.

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Google Reviews and Their Impact on Small Business

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Reading reviews before making a purchase or visiting a business has now become common place due to the easy access of information via search engines on smartphones. The phrase "just google it" is now embedded in everyday conversation. This instant access to information makes the monitoring of these reviews more important than ever.

Consumers have a wide variety of choices where to leave a review after making a purchase or visiting a store. Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Angie's List are but just a few of the options. Google is slowly starting to dominate the review market. Google reviews influence a the search engine ranking of a particular business based on the number and the quality of the review.

The experience of a customer expressed in a review can influence potential consumers whether or not to purchase goods or services from a particular business. This is why is has become crucial for business to monitor and respond to reviews that are not only on Google but all of the other review sites as well. These reviews have a major impact on their online reputation and also influence the purchasing decisions of new customers.