Executive Report

Digital Intelligence to Help Your Business Thrive and Grow in the Digital Marketplace.

Executive Report

The executive report provides your business with a summary of everything thats happening in your digital marketing channels. It provides detailed easy to understand reporting.

  • How are customers rating your business online. View your average star rating as well as number of reviews. Measure the percentage of your email review requests that were opened.

  • See what keywords are trending in your reviews. These keywords provide insight into how customers view your business.

  • Is your business listing information correct on search engines, directories, apps, and Google Maps? The executive report will list any areas where your business information is incorrect.

  • Measure how your Facebook posts are performing. Engaging your community on social media is key to having a robust online prescence.

  • Visualize how your Google Ad  and email campaigns are performing. See where your website traffic is coming from.


Having a robust online prescence is key to outperforming the competition. You need to be found and stand out from the competition where customers are looking.

The executive report allows you to monitor how your digital marketing is performing in certain key areas including social media, reviews, SEO, listings, and Google ads performance.

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The Executive Report is Mobile Friendly

  • Choose to receive either weekly or monthly reports

  • Key performance indicators highlight whats working well and areas that need improvement in your digital marketing space.

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