Digital Advertising

Increase Your Website Traffic With Google Ads

Getting in front of your customer in local search results using Google Ads can help you grow your business.

Google Ads

One of the most effective and popular forms of online advertising are Google Ads campaigns. These are PPC campaigns meaning that every time someone clicks on your ad your business pays a small fee. Running an effective campaign requires a sound strategy. Your campaign can target one location or many with specific keywords to reach a highly targeted audience. A Google Ads campaign is a highly effective and efficient way to improve your online visibility and drive more revenue to your bottom line.

Why should I hire a professional to manage my Google Ads Campaign?

1. You Can Focus on Your Business.

Running a highly effective Google Ads campaign takes time. Google has excellent analytical tools that can tell you what's working and what's not but this takes time. It takes time to be come proficient in new software. It takes time to do keyword analysis. A professional ads manager can make sure your campaign is firing on all cylinders right out of the gate.

2. Your Internal Google Ads Guru Quits.

It's only natural that people move on to other companies and career opportunities. If your social media person decides to move on this can leave your ad campaigns hung up in cyberspace with no other immediate expertise in your business to take over. Now your results start to suffer.

3. Agencies Bring a Fresh Perspective.

Managing the same Google Ads account by one person or an internal team can lead to tunnel vision. You've tried this and you've tried that and nothing seems to be working anymore. Agencies will have a team focusing on your account which can bring a fresh new perspective and new ways of thinking.

4. Agencies are Multi Disciplined.

The person managing the Google Ads may not understand why the ads are not converting or may not be able to design an effective landing page. This is where a digital marketing agency can come to the rescue. Then once the leads are captured the agency can design effective email or sms campaigns to convert leads into paying customers.