Listing Management

Local Listing Management

There are over 100 online business directories that your business is either listed on or needs to be listed on and those listings need to be accurate.


Why Managing Your Local Listings is so Important to the Success of Your Business.

Having inaccurate information across multiple directories affects the reputation of your business. Imagine a customer coming to your business at 7:00 pm one evening only to find you have closed at 6:00 pm. They may have found your information on a local directory and as it turns out it's inaccurate. That customer has now gone to the competition. 

Accurate business listings improves your online reputation and visibility, increases traffic to your website, improves your search engine optimization, and allows your business to update your customers in real time. Managing your listings with software designed for that purpose saves you time and money.

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Accurate Listing Information leads to improved SEO.

Listing Sync Pro ensures that your business information is accurate all across the web. Konnections listing management software highlights inaccuracies in listing information and which directories do not have any listing information.

Listing Leads Information

Improved Online Visibility

The more places your business is listed the better chance that it will be found by consumers conducting local searches. This increase in visibility will lead to an increase in website traffic and ultimately an increase in revenue.

4 Reasons Your Local Business Listings Need to Be Accurate.

Accurate Local Business Listings

1. Missing or inaccurate hours of operation can send a consumer to the competition.

Imagine a customer shows up to your store at 7 pm ready to spend their money after having found your business in a local search only to discover you actually close your doors at 6 pm. They will more than likely get on their phone and perform another search for a business that's open at 7 pm. You've just lost a sale.

2. Your physical address needs to be correct on all of the directories where your business is located.

Its obvious that if your physical address information is incorrect on Bing or Google potential paying consumers will not being ringing up a sale at your till. Inconsistent business information across the web will affect your search engine rankings. Ranking anywhere but the first page of a Google or Bing search result means lost customers and lost revenue.

3. People searching for a business are doing so on mobile devices.

75% of mobile based phone searches end up with the consumer making a purchase within 24hrs if the business listing details are correct. Those listing details need to be readily available in a mobile freindly manner. Your website must be optimized for mobile.

4. Your website is the anchor of your digital marketing strategy and the listing information needs to be correct.

While mobile searches are becoming the standard don't discount the searches that take place in a desktop environment. Listings should be linked to your website and have exactly the same listing information. Inconsistencies in listing information across the web leads to trust and credibility issues with consumers. In addition to this your business will rank lower in a Google search.