SMS Text Messaging

Build Stronger Customer Konnections


Text messages have a 98% open rate


Texts are 134% more likely to be read than an email


84% of consumers have received a text from a business.


78% of consumers respond to texts within 3 minutes or less

100% Permission Based Marketing

Customers must opt-in to your campaign through a keyword. They can opt-out at any time. Your business is literally marketing to a captive audience that is waiting for your messages.

The engagement rates with sms text messaging are unprecedented. No other communication channel comes close to having the same open rates. On average people check their phones 58 times per day. Millennials spend 48 minutes texting per day. The average time spent on a phone doing other tasks is 5 hrs per day.


the percentage of consumers that want to receive promotional messaging


of consumers respond to a promotional message within 30 minutes


of consumers aged 18 to 29 check their text messages at least 7X per hour

Case Study: Pizza Pie Cafe

With over 300,000 opt ins at their 16 locations in the Western United States SMS text message marketing and mobile coupons are their number one marketing tool. The rewards program is a massive hit among their customers. Their mobile coupons have generated a +2000 percent return on investment. 

Top 5 Reasons to Integrate SMS Text Message Marketing and Mobile Coupons into Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

As a business owner you might ask yourself "Why should we use SMS Marketing and Mobile Coupons". The answer to this question is simple. Your customers use text messages as their main communications channel to connect with friends and family. Why would you not take advantage of this channel and connect with your customers on the devices that they carry with them all day. Guaranteed their phone is the first thing they reach for in the morning when they wake up.

1. It Creates a Personal Connection

People panic when they cannot find their phones. Texting has become the main way that we communicate with friends and family and even with coworkers. When people are not texting they are consuming content on their smart devices. The time that people spend on their phones presents an opportunity for a business to send a targeted message to customers that are waiting to here from them.

2. Sending a Text Message is Simple and Uncomplicated

Sending a text message is as easy as composing the message and then clicking send. This message will reach everyone who has opted-in to receive text messages from your business. You can literally reach thousands of customers for just pennies per customer providing a massive return on investment.

3. Targeting an Audience that has Opted - In to Receive Messages

Sending a text message to someone who has not provided consent to receive that text message violates certain rules in both the U.S. and Canada. Customers must opt-in to receive messages from your business and this is why sms messaging is so highly targeted. You are quite literally sending a message to a captive audience. Targeting this highly receptive audience with the right offer at the right time can be highly lucrative. Don't overdue it though. Two to four text messages a month is the maximum number of messages to send to avoid people opting out.

4. It Outperforms Every other Marketing Channel

98 % of text messages are opened and read within three minutes of being received. No other marketing channel comes close in terms of open rates, delivery, and engagement. No other marketing channel produces ROI like sms marketing. While it does outperform email, Facebook, and push notifications sms marketing should be used in conjunction with these other marketing channels as integrated part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

5. Provides Metrics that Prove it's Value to Your Business

Mobile coupon redemption rates can be easily tracked. Clicks on links within the text message can be tracked. Opt-ins and opt-outs can be tracked. You can capture more information about your customers than just their phone number.