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Social Marketing gives your business the power to generate leads, engage with your audience, and post interesting and relevant content to your social media feeds and your Google My Business profile all from one place.

Regular posting to your social media feeds increases engagement with your audience but it also improves your search engine rankings. Google sees your business as legitimate and grants it more authority in search engine rankings. Content is king. Don't have time to post? No problem we can post highly engaging content to your social media channels

Find Leads with Twitter

Setup lead searches to monitor twitter for people and businesses that are interested in the products and services that your business provides.

Twitter Leads
Social Media Posts

Post to Multiple Social Media Channels

Compose your post and have it go out immediately to all of your social media channels or schedule it to go out at a later date and time. 

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Social is Mobile Friendly

Social marketing is mobile friendly and works on any device. Engage your audience and schedule your posts while you're on the go.

Social Marketing - Mobile-Friendly
High Quality Stock Images

High Quality Stock Images

The Konnections social marketing platform gives you access to thousands of high quality images to make your posts stand out and increase engagement with your audience.

Post to Google My Business Profile.

When your business posts fresh relevant content on your GMB profile Google recognizes you as a legitimate business and will rank your business higher in local search results. Include call to action buttons on your posts. The CTA buttons will convert consumers into paying consumers.

Google My Business Profile Posts