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Google reviews give your business a huge credibility boost.

Improve your local SEO and rank higher in local search. Improving and maintaining your online reputation is key to the growth of your business.


Asking for and Responding to Customer Reviews Increases Customer Retention

When you personally respond to and thank a customer for their feedback you create and enhance that personal konnection. This konnection increases the likelihood of repeat business and new customers are more likely to trust your business.

Enhance your online reputation to attract new customers

Asking your customers to leave a Google review is as easy as sending a text. Improve your ranking in local search engine results. Let your happy customers market your business for you.


Display your 4 and 5 star reviews on your website

Our review widget can be set to display your 4 and 5 star reviews on the first page of your website. Let the whole world see how awesome your business is.

Asking for reviews is easy with automation.

With over 3,000 integrations our software makes it easy to send automated review requests after each purchase or visit. Review requests can be personalized and automated responses can be sent freeing up your teams time for other tasks.


Find out how Konnections Digital Media Group can help you grow your business.

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