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Live Chat + Chatbot.

Konnect with Customers in Real-Time and Grow Your Business

Livechat and chatbots can give your business a leg up on the competition. The ability to chat in real time provides an opportunity to provide 5 star customer service and the ability to convert leads into sales.

Can I book an appointment tomorrow at 1 with Dr. White?
I have you booked in with Dr. White at 1pm. See you tomorrow!
Thank You. See you tomorrow!

Drive more traffic to your website with SEO and Google Ads. Engage that traffic in real-time through live webchat and Robin, our chatbot.

Konnect with website visitors through webchat. Convert leads and provide exceptional customer service.

Konnect with website visitors in real-time. Webchat automatically collects a name and phone number, so you can focus on customer support or turning that lead into a sale.

Customer Service Rep
Image by Arlington Research

Robin, our chatbot, can answer questions automatically

Robin can answer questions, schedule appointments, and close deals automatically. When she needs to she can hand off the conversation to a live agent.

Keep the conversation going even when a visitor leaves your website.

Messages are routed to a visitors phone when they leave your website. Stay konnected and keep the conversation going. Confirm the appointment or close the sale.

Video call

Customise your webchat widget

The webchat widget is fully customisable. Add photos to let website visitors know who they are chatting with. Easily customize the colors to fit your branding.

Have one more than one location?

Whether you have 10 or 100 locations each one has it's own customizable web chat widget.


Analyse every website visitor interaction

Google analytics gives you the business owner a better understanding of how visitors interact with webchat.

"Konnections webchat has helped us capture and convert more leads than ever before, and our customer satisfaction increased substantially"

Brandy Mills
Echo Wireless

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